We’re proud to be a large group of scientists from many different fields. Our researchers come from four groups on Colorado State University’s campus, and we'd like to showcase our lab groups and what they're all about.

The Volckens Group

Based in Mechanical Engineering, the Volckens’ Group mission is to use engineering fundamentals to solve air pollution problems that we face as a society. Their work is best described as Engineering for Public Health; they aim to develop innovative leaders with the interdisciplinary skills needed to solve today’s complex public and environmental health problems.

Recent projects include:

  • Development of low-cost instruments for air pollution monitoring and human exposure assessment
  • Quantifying the short-term health effects from exposure to woodsmoke and other forms of combustion air pollution
  • Delivering solar power and clean cooking technologies to rural Rwandan households
  • Measuring air quality (in collaboration with NASA scientists) aboard the International Space Station

Aerosol and Cloud Research Group

The research group of Dr. Jeff Pierce in the Atmospheric Science department at Colorado State University. Their research focuses on atmospheric particles and gases and their interactions with human health, clouds and climate. Specifically:

  1. Aerosols and climate
  2. Aerosols and health
  3. Wildfire smoke
  4. New-particle formation and growth

Center for Science Communication

Housed in the Department of Journalism and Media Communication  the Center for Science Communication is a hub for interdisciplinary, stakeholder-engaged scholarship in science communication. The center brings together faculty experts, professionals, and students who pursue research-driven strategies for effectively communicating about science and science-related topics. The center’s goal is to foster better communication in support of socially sustainable agricultural, environmental, and health systems. Current and recent work by center-affiliated faculty has been funded by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, NASA, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Current CEAMS Team Members that are part of the Center for Science Communication.

Laboratory for Air Quality Research (LAQR)

Led by Dr. Shantanu Jathar, through the Mechanical Engineering Department, this group conducts laboratory, field, and numerical studies to probe the emissions and formation of air pollutants arising from energy and combustion sources. Some recent projects include

  1. Studying the formation and evolution of fine particles in wildfire plumes
  2. Improving the representation of fine particles in mesoscale climate models
  3. Quantifying the potential for air pollution from emerging sources including biofuels and consumer products
Dr. Shantanu Jathar

If you have any questions about the work these groups are doing, please ask!