Getting Started

User's Manual

You should have received a User's Manual along with your AMOD device at the training session. It is also available to download here.

Using and Setting up my AMOD device

The power button is also an LED light and is located near the filter cap. To turn on, press down on the power button/LED light and hold for 3-5 seconds. You should hear a click, the device will move, and the LED light will turn on.

Hold the handle in your left hand and place your right hand flat on the bottom of the AMOD so that the instrument is held horizontally.


The AMOD includes a lithium battery that allows the device to operate for approximately 4 days without charging. You can check the status of the battery charge in the menu of the CEAMS mobile application (Note: the AMOD needs to be turned on and connected in the mobile application to see the battery level). We ask that you charge your device overnight after each sampling session (a sampling session lasts 4 days) in order to guarantee that there is no interruption to the following sampling period (because the filter is continually collecting mass, a sampling period should not be restarted once it has stopped).

To charge the AMOD, you will need to use the wall charger that is provided to you. The charging port is on the side of the box (see picture below). Insert the wall charger firmly into the charging port, and leave the AMOD to charge overnight. The LED light will either be blue or magenta while the AMOD is charging (colors are for different charging modes).

The following video will walk you through the process of connecting your AMOD to your phone and setting up a sampling event. Note: this video uses an iPhone, but the process is similar for Android phones. Please see the Manual for Android-specific instructions.

First you will need a login. Please email or fill out the above form if you did not create a login at training.

The following video will show you how to navigate the data section of the website.


This will occur after the battery has been completely drained and then recharged. The AMOD has lost GPS time and needs to find the GPS signal again. Leave the AMOD outside (and turned on) for 10 minutes. Then return and begin the set-up procedure.

First, check that you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone (check if your phone is able to connect to ANY Bluetooth device). Second, make sure that the AMOD is turned on and that the LED light is pink. If the device still does not appear, you may need to try using another mobile device with the CEAMS application.

If, when trying to connect, it says "Connection Failed", you likely have the wrong password. If ithe app keeps saying "On/Disconnected", it is likely having difficulty connecting. If you are outside, go back into your house and try to connect while inside. Once connected, go back outside and check if the AMOD is able to connect. You may need to turn the AMOD off and back on again.

If it was able to connect inside your home, but not in your yard, your Wi-Fi signal may not be strong enough. You can also check if your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough in your backyard by checking if your phone is able to connect. If is not strong enough, you may need to move the AMOD closer to your house. If this is not possible, you may have to let the AMOD run with Wi-Fi turned off. In this case, you will not be able to see your data on the website in real time. At the end of the campaign, we can download data from the device and upload to the website.

If the AMOD will not connect to Wi-Fi in your house, please contact the CEAMS Team.